wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500, wePresent-2000

Being able to have a successful presentation is very important in obtaining clients and customers. Research as shown that you have about a thirty second window to capture your audience attention. Thirty seconds. That goes by in a snap of a finger. Now think about your opening statement. You have a lot to cram in there. You dont want to leave anything out. What if you in your first thirty seconds you now how to configure your computer or download a “Plug in” for you to present. Or you had to run chords from the display to your device.

The Ideal solution: wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500, wePresent-2000

Lucky for your our wePresent devices allow you to focus strictly on your your presentation then how to connect and display your PPT or presentation. wePresent-1000,wePresent-1500, wePresent-2000 offers the ideal solution for any user to present. Simply use your already established network and present. Wireless presenting allows you to engage in your audience and bring the attention to your presentation. You are able to bring any device and immediately start presenting. This is why the solutions of wePresent are perfect for any business/Education environment looking to have a cost effective solution for AV/IT systems.


If you take a look at the name wePresent and separate it shows what you are capable of. It says wePresent… Not I present. This shows that you are capable of presenting with more than one person. You can actually project up to 4 screens at once from four different devices. You can also collaborate with your audience. It is a great interactive feature. It really makes your presentation tangible with your audience. This is what wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500, and wePresent-2000 allows for. A quick easy solution and a solution that allows you to interact with your customers. Check out more about the wePresent-1000 and our other wePresent-1500. With these solutions from wePresent your users and IT department will love you for choosing wePresent!