wePresent and the benefits we offer

wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500 and wePresent-2000 are incredibly powerful device. When you start looking at all the details of these systems it can become overwhelming for any user. We are hear to break it down for you.

wePresent is simple and easy to use

We pride ourselves in make a device that any user can feel comfortable setting up and using time and time again. Most displaying device have an HDMI port. If this is the case then all the user has to do is plug in the power adapter into an outlet and plug the HDMI cord into the wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500 or the wePresent-2000 and then plug it into the the displaying device. If you do not have an HDMI adapter that is not a problem. We have DVI and an Audio output that almost all older displaying units will have. After those steps are completed you have finished your installation. We told you any user could to do it!

wePresent connecting made easy

Now that your device is plugged in and ready to be displayed our customizable standby screen is now being displayed on your display. From there follow the 3-4 steps that is laid out on the standby screen and you are good to go! This technology doesnt need any third party installation and uses your already established network to display your screen. wePresent-1000, wePresent-1500, and wePresent-2000 all allow collaboration, multi users to display onto 1 display (Quad display) and all of them display in 1080P!

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