wePresent WiPG-1000, WiPG-1500 and WiPG-2000 devices

People have been asking what is the difference between the three different devices. There is a bit of a difference between the three systems but to have a bullet point overview you can see that on our product page!

wePresent WiPG-1000

For the WiPG-1000 there are incredible features that make wireless presenting so easy! You are able to bring your Android or Mac device and wireless present right away. We also offer PlugNpresent which allows quest presenters to use our USB stick and dongle and wireless connect. Also a key feature for the WiPG-1000 is that it supports up to 64 users. This allows users to collaborate with one another from their own device. Another incredible feature that the WiPG-1000 offers is the customize able home screen. You are able to put your logo and content when the device is starting up. The WiPG-1000 has more benefits and dont forget to check them out on our product page.

wePresent WiPG-1500

Our WiPG-1500 has all the same features as the wePresent WiPG-1000 and much more as well. The main difference between these two different devices is the interactive features. The WiPG-1500 has many more features to offer. They have a Driver-less touch screen interface. Allows for full video playback with no lag. Also a very cool feature is the Webslides. These webslides is an amazing features that allows you to open a browser and see the presentation directly on your mobile device and follow along.

wePresent WiPG-2000

This is the highest end model of the wePresent systems. This has the same amount of features as the wePresent WiPG-1000, wePresent WiPG-1500, wePresent-2000. Obviously with some added features that make this the top of the line wireless presentation system. You are able to simultaneously present on 4 different screen with the WiPG-2000. You can create HotKeys as well as well as shortcuts. Also includes media/document player.

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