wePresent WiPG systems

Our wireless presentation systems are the perfect solution for you!  Whether you are in the military/government or in education these devices can be used by everyone.  You do not need a whole IT team to come in and set them up.  In fact you don’t really need an IT specialist to do anything! Now that is music to their ears.  Once the wePresent devices are connected with your already established network you are ready to display your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.  Unlike the Apple T.V.  You are able to hook up any device that you or a visitor chooses to bring.


With almost everyone from the ages from 6-100 now has a smartphone it is imperative that your systems can be used by all users.  The WiPG-1000, 1500, and 2000 all allow users to collaborate.  Also on the WiPG-1000 up to 4 users can project their device onto the screen.  This is why it is so important for your systems to be able to allow multi platforms to present on your screen or projector.  BYOD or, Bring Your Own Device, is now a common phrase among the IT world.  These devices are not only convenient but they are future proof as well!  With this technology not going out of style anytime soon wePresent is the cost effective and smart decision for your classroom, boardroom, or conference room.