wePresent WiPG: The Wireless Presentation Solution!

We have received quite a few inquires about how to make AV systems more user friendly and less complicated. A lot of older systems have receivers and players that are out of date. They are left with big bulky devices that are of no use and cannot be updated. This leaves you with an expensive upgrade and a huge system to replace. If you take a look at our WiPG devices you will see the slender design that can fit almost any where as well as all the updated outputs you will need to have crystal clear images. All of the wePresent WiPG devices come with VGA as well as HDMI outputs that make it friendly to almost any projecting device that you would need to plug it into. With almost every displaying projector or television having the capability to display in 1080P it is very important that your receiver has that capability to transfer that same quality from the presenting individuals device to the projecting display.

wePresent WiPG is a reasonable solution

wePresent WiPG solutions not only have that slender and simple look their User interface is much simpler as well. Being able to wireless present is now so simple that it requires little to no assistance for even the most basic of user. Using your already established network makes the set-up process easy for installation. With how busy IT departments are it is very important for business to have a device that is quick to setup and quick for users to understand. Also we know how quickly technology changes. With our wePresent WiPG 1000, wePresent WiPG-1500 and wePresent WiPG-2000 our devices have been built to last with the most up to date technology that allows for users to easily upgrade their systems. Over all wePresent WiPG is an ideal solution no matter what market that you are in!